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Hey Every Body! What amazing weather we've been having! Perfect yoga weather... Hey listen - just wanted to drop a note about a couple things.

Firstly, the website will be getting a bit of work done. Some portions will be complete before others. But as they say in construction zones... "Pardon Our Progress" :)

Lastly, we have enjoyed getting feedback from you on the classes and teachers you LOVE! Please feel free to continue sending feedback about anything and everything yoga-related. Had a great class? Let us know! Got an idea for the studio? Let us know! Got questions? Let us know! Are you as in love with your teachers as we are?? Let us know!! EBY is YOUR neighborhood studio.

- Stephen & Holly

UPDATE 3: A family has generously made the first donations to the Karma Wall! The Karma Wall is exactly what it sounds like: folks buy classes or packages and offer them up to the community for whoever needs them. Pretty cool, right? So there are officially four (4) 30 Day Unlimited packages available on the Karma Wall. If you want one, all you have to do is email and tell us how you will pay it forward. That's all there is to it!

UPDATE 2: We are open!!! We will hold a grand opening next month. For now we are getting our sea legs and working out the kinks. We haven't found any kinks yet but they're sure to turn up! When they do, email and we will fix them right up for you!

UPDATE: The schedule and the pricing pages are LIVE! Check out the offerings and let us know what you think! You can message us on Facebook or Instagram or just shoot an email to Got suggestions for classes we should offer? Let us know!

Hi Every Body!

We are so excited to be opening Every Body Yoga in the next few weeks. There is still so much to do! We will start with a soft opening. You can count on two or three classes a day in the month of February. This is to work the kinks out and get the system going. Come March 1st we want to double the number of daily classes.

Our Intro Deal is $30 for 30 days of Unlimited Yoga! We hope that gives you a good taste of our teachers and the kinds of classes you can expect. Speaking of teachers, we are very excited about the folks who will be teaching at Every Body Yoga. They are a special group of folks and we think y'all will agree.

We want to offer a LOT of different classes because we want to cater to Every Body! This means beginners AND experienced yogis will find classes that fit their experience levels AND schedules. Do you like 6:30 AM power flow classes before work? We got you. Need a lunch hour pick-me-up? We got you. Do you love winding down each evening with a restorative class at 6:30 PM? WE GOT YOU.

One more thing to note: This website is very much under construction. Things are going to be changing. If you want to stay up-to-the-minutes in the loop, sign up for our email list that pops up after a few seconds

Can't wait to meet y'all in-person soon!

- Holly, Stephen, and the teachers of Every Body Yoga


We are Holly and Stephen, and when we moved in together we started looking for the right yoga studio to join. Our favorite studios in other cities seemed to have everything: big spaces with high ceilings, lots of class offerings and class times, and teachers that loved connecting with us through yoga; it was everything we wanted. But in our neighborhood, downtown Bradenton, we couldn’t find that. So we’re starting that kind of studio and it is called Every Body Yoga.

Our mission is simple: Provide lots of class times and assorted class offerings to a diverse group of students in a space that "wows".

The space and location are a dream come true. Right off Manatee Ave. we are renovating an old industrial building with 14’ ceilings, lots of windows, and a beautiful interior brick wall that spans floor to ceiling. We want people to walk in and say “Wow!”

Offering lots of classes to lots of different people requires excellent teachers. Teachers are the secret ingredient. If you don’t have a good teacher, you may not return. On the other hand, if you love your teacher, you can’t be kept out! Teachers are the secret ingredient.

See the logo? We think lots of people from lots of backgrounds coming together makes for a pretty cool community. That's what Every Body Yoga is about! Diverse bodies and backgrounds and abilities coming together. If you want to teach in a studio like this, give us a holler! And if you want to be a student in a studio like this, come on by! Let's build a downtown Bradenton yoga community.

Click Here to Get 2 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $30!