Welcome to Every Body Yoga! We want to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible. Because every yoga studio is different, please review our yog-etiquette tips (see what we did there?) for information about our studios norms and expectations.

1. Try to come with an open mind. If you are coming for your first class or have been practicing for years, we hope you will arrive open to the Every Body Yoga experience.

2. Arrive on time. By on time we mean at least 5 minutes early. The doors will close and be locked at the start of class time. We know this can be difficult sometimes, but to limit the disruptions to class and make your in-class experience as relaxing as possible, we will adhere to this standard.

3. You must read and sign the waiver before your first class. Do this online to save time!


4. Doors will open 15 minutes before class and will close 15 minutes after class.


5. Please use you 'indoor voices' in the time before class. We know it is exciting to be here and meet each other! We also believe that many students like to mentally settle down as they prepare for class and we want to be respectful of that.   


6. We have lots of parking! The parking lot is West of the studio. If you are arriving from Manatee Ave., drive past 9th St. E. and turn right on 8th St. E. You may park in the big parking lot immediately on your right. You will then walk to the studio entrance on 9th St. E.


7. Please check in at the front desk.


8. Once you check in, leave your shoes, keys, sunglasses, etc. in a cubby by the front door. This will help us keep the yoga studio clean and uncluttered.


9. Limit food and beverage in the studio. Water bottles are welcome! We have a water and tea station available for your use.


10. If you borrow a mat, please clean it with the cleaning spray at the end of class.